Heart  of the Church

Journeying together

To become the Ecclesia God is calling us to be.

First belong - then believe, share and serve

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Small Communities
the Heart of the Church

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Small communities promote

  • care for each other
  • friendship
  • talents, knowledge and skills
  • prayer and reflection on Scripture
  • Service to others and Social Justice
  • a positive and grateful outlook
  • living in reality

Small communities meet

regularly, usually weekly
face-to-face or online
to encourage prayer at the centre of living
to reflect on and share the Scriptures
to discuss needs and concerns
to value social justice work done.  

This website is designed primarily to enable our Small Christian Community, dedicated to Prisca & Aquila, to keep a record of our discoveries as we walk the Christian road together.

You are welcome to look around and hopefully be inspired to start your own small group.

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