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Caring for our Common Home

from Ann

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Pope Francis’ encyclical, “Laudato Si: Care for our Common Home” was published in 2015 to great acclaim and is regularly cited by world leaders and international bodies as a seminal document addressing our responsibility to care for our common home, the earth. Yet its length (some 180 pages) and the range of issues discussed can make reading through it unaided a daunting prospect for individuals and groups. CAFOD produced a study guide inspired by the encyclical

The guide invites groups to reflect on some of the main themes of the encyclical and to explore together how we might take action in our particular circumstances. It is not an in depth guide to the encyclical itself but offers an initial way of engaging with the important message set out by Pope Francis in Laudato Si. The guide offers four sessions, each of which introduces key paragraphs from the encyclical and also incorporates testimonies from around the world as well as from UK parishes

Session one: Creation is a caress of God. This reminds us that as believers, Scripture reveals that God created the world and it is good.

Session two: The climate is a common good. This encourages us that as inhabitants of the earth, we have a particular responsibility to protect creation.

Session three: A universal family. This calls us, as neighbours to each other, to recognise that we are on an earthly pilgrimage together.

Session four: We were made for love. This final session looks at how we are called to respond in solidarity with our global family and all of creation.

There are also leader’s notes that offer helpful guidance for those facilitating groups

The links to the Encyclical, Study Guide and Leaders Notes are found here