Heart  of the Church


Review and Evaluation

On the 23 April 2024 Geraldine and Geoff led the group in a review and evaluation of how things were going and the value it offered members. 

The responses are summed up in this Wordcloud

These were the questions asked:

Feel free to disregard all or any of these questions, if they seem intrusive or inappropriate.  They are only meant to be prompts for the discussion on the 23rd.

1 Where were you on your faith journey, your relationship with the institutional Church, when you joined PandA? 

2 Who or what led you to join PandA?

3 What role does PandA play in your faith life?

4 Have you discovered new talents or the confidence to use existing talents, during your time as a member of PandA?

5 Has your relationship with the Institutional Church changed since joining PandA? 

6 Have you formed a small group locally? How did you find the members?  What materials are you using?

7 What lessons would you share with others who are hoping to set up new groups in person or online?