Heart  of the Church


Reflecting on Gaza

2 January 2024

from Debbie,

In this Christmas week 2023 I had this urge to do something in my sketchbook . I like working with paper cut outs. Here I have used newspaper article, the scenes of Gaza bombed for the body of Jesus and the article itself for the faces of Mary and Jesus in the picture foretold by Simeon. The halos in both pictures are made from a photo of the grotto of the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The Madonna is a reworked cover of Bible Alive .

It helped doing this to be silent and in conversation with God .

I recommend this to you all … as you can see it’s no great work of art but it does help me to focus at times.

Intense prayers now that this war doesn’t escalate to a new level;


debbie2Luke 2: 33-35