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St Anne's and St Bernard, Liverpool

Helen lives too far away to join this welcoming and warm parish in person but, as they live stream the Masses, she feels very much in touch with them and part of their community.   

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Small Christian Communities

This Facebook Page was formed to share Small Christian Communities (SCCs) information, events, materials, news, videos and photos for each of the six continents. It serves as a forum for an exchange of SCCs ideas and to promote dialog on SCC topics. The page has sections for “Like,” “Comment” and “Share.” It is classified as a society and culture website. We welcome any and all feedback, contributions, SCCs materials, etc.

The Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Website is a “work in progress”. We make changes and add material regularly. 
Our vision is to establish a global collaborative networking website for Small Christian Communities (SCCs) worldwide, we share SCCs contact information, events, materials, and news for each of the six continents.