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Here we are collecting videos which our members have found interesting and inspiring

Recommended by Helen

Bill McKibben on Climate Crisis: How we got here and what we can do now

Over forty years ago, the publication of ‘The End of Nature’ popularized a topic that was then largely unfamiliar to the general public. 
The book’s author, Bill McKibben, brought the subject of global warming to light and has advocated for climate solutions ever since. In this #EarthDay special on environmental protection, he talks about the oil industry's PR campaign, how renewable energies can not only help the planet but also curb power abuse, and why global warming is an urgent matter that can only be solved if all generations work together. 

To Whom Do I Pray in the Time of Need?

To whom do we pray in the time of need? A questioner wants to know how he can reconcile his idea of prayer – that he is praying to someone – with the non-dual understanding that there is no distinction between subject and object.

recommended by Helen

Contemplative Vision: Awakening to Beauty, Truth & Goodness, R. Rohr & T. Keating - Opening Remarks

Presented by Contemplative Outreach, these are the opening talks in an enrichment weekend by Fr. Richard Rohr and Fr. Thomas Keating, recorded Sept. 29, 2007 in Houston, TX. 

Recommended by Helen

The Blessing

Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe sing The Blessing, based on Numbers 6: 24-26

Debbie sent all of us this blessing for 2024


A song, suggested by Ann, with our American Companions in mind for Thanksgiving 2023

The Vision of the Neighborhood Church

A Conversation with Virginia Saldanha

Michael Centore, Today's American Catholic magazine, talks to Virginia Saldanha about her life, experience and vision for a local community

Voices from the Rome Synod

An evening with Austen Ivereigh

Austen Ivereigh shares his experience of the recent Synod Assembly in Rome

Matthew Fox in Conversation:

Mysticism and Creation Spirituality

Matthew Fox, author, theologian, and activist priest, has been calling people of spirit and conscience into the Creation Spirituality lineage for over 50 years.

Talk re mysticism and mental health

Dennis Jackson, on Retreat, reflects 

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Synodality in Practice

Brian Grogan SJ led the second session of the Scottish Laity Network;s Towards a Synodal Church

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